PPH PROHAMAR opened in 1985 and is a family-owned company.
We offer many years of experience in the industry and with highly qualified personnel it allowed us to win the trust of many domestic and international customers.
Today there is broad variety of work we can offer our customers. It is our professional performance resulting from many years of experience that our clients value the most. In 1995 the company was significantly expanded and we were able to offer laser cutting, CNC bending plates, TiG welding service and powder coating metal and galvanic. Currently the firm's range is divided into several branches: metal sheets, laser cutting and bending and springs production.


PPH PROHAMAR is a private owning company established at 1985. From the begining we offer springs production service. At 1995 we enriched our offer by adding machining service and last time we have started with laser metal cutting. We can also CNC bend plates and TIG weld.


PPH PROHAMAR offers plates laser cutting service, metal machining service. We are producer of different kinds of springs. In our offer You can also find plates CNC bending and TIG welding service. We provide competitive prices and short time commission realization. Please do not hesitate to contact us if You have any questions.


tel./fax (058) 683-76-17
07872428653 Dave